everest attacks XEFI

Incident Date:

March 8, 2022

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everest attacks XEFI






Paris, France

Paris, France

First Reported

March 8, 2022

XEFI Suffers Ransomware Attack, Exposed on Dark Web Leak Site

XEFI, a prominent French IT services provider, has fallen victim to a ransomware attack orchestrated by the Everest group, a revelation made public through a dark web leak site. Specializing in a broad spectrum of services such as hardware sales, maintenance, and cloud solutions, XEFI's compromise has raised concerns about the escalating trend of ransomware attacks targeting various sectors.

With a robust presence in the Business Services sector, XEFI boasts over 180 offices spread across France, Monaco, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, and the UK. The company employs more than 2,000 individuals and has been operational for over 26 years, focusing on enhancing business productivity and collaboration through comprehensive IT solutions.

The incident involving XEFI underscores a growing pattern within the cybersecurity landscape, where ransomware attacks are becoming increasingly prevalent across diverse industries. Notably, the manufacturing sector, along with professional and legal services, has been particularly susceptible to these cyber threats. Despite concerted efforts to curb these attacks, ransomware groups continue to claim new victims, with leak sites being updated every four hours.

This attack highlights the inherent vulnerabilities faced by businesses within the IT sector, which are often targeted due to their heavy reliance on digital systems and the substantial financial implications of a successful cyberattack. The disclosure of XEFI's situation on a dark web leak site accentuates the critical need for stringent cybersecurity measures to thwart such threats.

As of now, XEFI has not issued an official statement regarding the attack, leaving it uncertain whether the ransom demand has been met or if specific countermeasures have been implemented to mitigate the attack's impact. Although the company's website remains accessible, this incident serves as a stark reminder of the persistent threat posed by ransomware groups and the imperative for businesses to elevate their cybersecurity protocols.


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