everest attacks VTVcab

Incident Date:

June 6, 2022

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everest attacks VTVcab






Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Vietnam, Vietnam

First Reported

June 6, 2022

VTVCab HCM: A Target for Ransomware Attacks

VTVCab HCM, a media and internet company based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, has recently fallen victim to a ransomware attack perpetrated by the Everest group. This incident was disclosed on the group's dark web leak site. VTVCab HCM is known for its provision of services such as cable TV, digital TV, and internet services within the media and internet sector.

The lack of detailed information on the company's website regarding its size or specific vulnerabilities does not obscure the fact that VTVCab HCM is an active player in the media industry. It offers a variety of services and content, including a section dedicated to the World Cup 2022, which may have made it an attractive target for the ransomware attack.

Everest, also recognized by aliases such as ALPHV or BlackCat, has gained notoriety for its attacks on diverse entities, including government agencies and businesses. The recent seizure of the group's dark web leak site by international law enforcement agencies highlights the increased efforts to curb their activities.

Although the precise details of the VTVCab HCM attack remain undisclosed, this event underscores the pervasive risk of ransomware attacks across all sectors. Organizations are urged to adopt comprehensive cybersecurity strategies, ensure regular system updates, and promote cybersecurity awareness among their employees to mitigate these risks.


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