Dunghill Leak attacks Sabre Corporation

Incident Date:

September 2, 2023

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Dunghill Leak attacks Sabre Corporation


Sabre Corporation




Southlake, USA

Texas, USA

First Reported

September 2, 2023

The Dunghill Leak Ransomware Gang Attacks Sabre Corporation

The Dunghill Leak ransomware gang has attacked Sabre Corporation. Sabre Corporation is an American technology company headquartered in Southlake, Texas. Founded in 1960 as a subsidiary of American Airlines, Sabre has since become an independent leader in the global travel and tourism industry. The company specializes in providing a wide range of technology solutions and services to various stakeholders within the travel industry, including airlines, hotels, travel agencies, and other travel-related businesses.

Sabre's Core Offerings

One of Sabre's core offerings is its Global Distribution System (GDS), which serves as a travel reservation system. It enables travel agents and agencies to access and book flights, hotels, rental cars, and other travel-related services efficiently. In addition to GDS, Sabre offers airline solutions that help carriers manage reservations, inventory, and flight operations effectively. Sabre Corporation plays a pivotal role in facilitating travel and tourism by providing technology-driven solutions that enhance the travel experience for both businesses and travelers.

About Dunghill Leak

Dunghill Leak is thought to be a rebrand of an older ransomware gang known as Dark Angels, which was first identified in May 2022. The group deploys the Babuk ransomware variant, which attempts to inhibit system recovery and terminate any process that could interfere with the encryption process.

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