DragonForce Ransomware Attack Threatens EvoEvents Limited

Incident Date:

June 8, 2024

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DragonForce Ransomware Attack Threatens EvoEvents Limited


EvoEvents Limited




Hamilton, New Zealand

, New Zealand

First Reported

June 8, 2024

DragonForce Ransomware Attack on EvoEvents Limited

Overview of EvoEvents Limited

Founded in 2012, EvoEvents Limited is a New Zealand-based company that specializes in organizing and managing various types of events, including corporate events, conferences, exhibitions, and private functions. The company prides itself on delivering tailored event planning services that encompass every aspect of event execution. With a small team of less than 10 employees, EvoEvents leverages its extensive network of industry contacts to ensure high-quality outcomes within budget constraints.

Details of the Attack

Recently, the ransomware group DragonForce has claimed responsibility for an attack on EvoEvents Limited. The attackers reportedly gained access to 6.14 GB of the company's data and have threatened to publish it within the next 26–27 days. This breach has caused significant disruptions to EvoEvents' operations, impacting their ability to deliver services to clients.

About DragonForce

DragonForce is a relatively new ransomware strain that has quickly gained notoriety through high-profile attacks. The group employs a double extortion tactic, not only encrypting victim data but also threatening to release it unless a ransom is paid. DragonForce has been linked to the use of a leaked ransomware builder from the notorious LockBit group, indicating a trend of cybercriminals repurposing existing tools to enhance their capabilities.

Potential Vulnerabilities

Given its small size, EvoEvents Limited may have been particularly vulnerable to ransomware attacks due to limited cybersecurity resources. The company's reliance on digital data for event planning and management makes it an attractive target for threat actors. The exact method of penetration remains unclear, but common vectors include phishing emails, unpatched software vulnerabilities, and weak password policies.

Implications for EvoEvents Limited

The attack on EvoEvents Limited underscores the growing threat of ransomware to small and medium-sized enterprises. The potential release of sensitive data could have severe repercussions for the company's reputation and client trust. As the situation unfolds, EvoEvents will need to navigate the challenges of data recovery and potential ransom negotiations.


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