Digital Onslaught: Delhi Police Targeted

Incident Date:

April 2, 2024

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Digital Onslaught: Delhi Police Targeted


Delhi Police




New Delhi, India

New Delhi, India

First Reported

April 2, 2024

Delhi Police Suffers Ransomware Attack

Profile and Significance

The Delhi Police is a large organization with a significant presence in the government sector. It is responsible for maintaining law and order in the capital city of India, which is home to a large population and a significant number of government offices and institutions. The organization's size and significance make it a high-value target for cybercriminals, who may seek to exploit vulnerabilities in its systems to gain access to sensitive information or disrupt its operations.


The ransomware attack on the Delhi Police website highlights the vulnerabilities of government organizations to cyber threats. Ransomware attacks can cause significant disruption to an organization's operations, as they often involve encrypting data and demanding a ransom for its release. In the case of the Delhi Police, the attack may have affected their ability to access and manage sensitive information, potentially compromising the security of the data they hold.

Newcomer Ransomware Group KillSecurity

The emergence of the ransomware group known as KillSecurity presents a fresh and concerning threat. Utilizing a driver inspired by the iconic Bond franchise, this group employs sophisticated tactics to disable security suites and encrypt data on compromised devices systematically. KillSecurity's modus operandi begins with phishing emails aimed at pilfering login credentials, paving the way for the disabling of security programs, encryption of data, and the demand for a hefty ransom of 50 Bitcoin (equivalent to approximately $2 million) to be paid within a strict 72-hour window, with additional penalties accruing for each day of delay.

Analysts posit a potential link between KillSecurity and the older ransomware variant BlackMatter, hinting at a possible connection between the two groups. With a track record of targeting both organizations and individuals, KillSecurity has wrought havoc through widespread cyber incidents and data breaches on a global scale.


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