Defending Patient Care: West Idaho Orthopedics Confronts Ransomware

Incident Date:

April 3, 2024

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Defending Patient Care: West Idaho Orthopedics Confronts Ransomware


West Idaho Orthopedics


Inc Ransom


Meridian, USA

Idaho, USA

First Reported

April 3, 2024

West Idaho Orthopedics Suffers Ransomware Attack by Incransom Group

Company Overview

West Idaho Orthopedics and Sports Medicine is a healthcare organization based in Meridian, Idaho, with multiple locations in Treasure Valley. They provide personalized treatment, controlled costs, and quick access to surgery. The company focuses on offering the best care to residents and staying updated on orthopedic and sports medicine advancements.

Vulnerabilities and Impact

INC Ransom is a group that conducts ransomware attacks on businesses, particularly targeting sectors like law firms and healthcare services where data privacy is crucial. Affiliates are key players in their operations, carrying out attacks and deploying ransomware once initial access is gained. They have benefited from law enforcement efforts to disrupt other ransomware groups and have targeted various sectors, including healthcare and local government.

Their recent attack on West Idaho Orthopedics highlights the serious consequences such attacks can have on patient care, potentially causing delays in procedures and compromising sensitive data. This incident underscores the ongoing threat of cybercrime in the healthcare sector, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing cybersecurity to protect patient information and ensure continuous care.


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