Cybersecurity Breach: The Souza Agency Targeted by 8Base Ransomware Group

Incident Date:

April 15, 2024

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Cybersecurity Breach: The Souza Agency Targeted by 8Base Ransomware Group


The Souza Agency Inc.




Annapolis, USA

Maryland, USA

First Reported

April 15, 2024

Ransomware Attack on The Souza Agency by 8Base Group

Company Overview

The Souza Agency, Inc., a prominent book publishing company based in Annapolis, Maryland, specializes in creating emotionally resonant stories for a diverse clientele, including notable names like the Baltimore Orioles and Marriott ExecuStay. With a focus on communication and marketing, the agency employs 39 individuals and generates annual revenues estimated between $1 million and $1.68 million. Their expertise in crafting compelling narratives has earned them acclaim within the media and internet sector.

Attack Details

In a recent cybersecurity breach, The Souza Agency fell victim to the 8Base ransomware group. This attack involved the deployment of ransomware, leading to the encryption of sensitive data including invoices, personal employee data, and confidential business agreements. As of the last update, the attackers have threatened to release this data unless a ransom is paid, with a deadline set for April 19th. The exact scope of the data breach remains under investigation, and the agency has not yet reported any data leak following the ransom deadline.

Vulnerabilities and Target Profile

The Souza Agency's significant digital footprint and reliance on electronic communication and data storage made it an attractive target for the 8Base group. As a medium-sized business in the media sector, the agency likely holds large volumes of sensitive intellectual property and personal data, which are valuable to cybercriminals. The incident underscores the heightened risk faced by companies in the media and internet sectors, where data breaches can have severe reputational and financial consequences.


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