cuba attacks Fronteo USA

Incident Date:

May 16, 2022

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cuba attacks Fronteo USA


Fronteo USA




New York, USA

New York, USA

First Reported

May 16, 2022

FRONTEO USA Suffers Ransomware Attack by Cuba Group

Overview of the Attack

FRONTEO USA, a legaltech company renowned for its AI-powered eDiscovery and digital forensics services, recently fell victim to a ransomware attack orchestrated by the Cuba ransomware group. The company, which operates in the Law Firms & Legal Services sector through its website, offers a unique AI review solution known as Knowledge, Assurance, and Management (KAM). This solution is designed to significantly reduce review time, enhance review quality, and provide superior control over the review process.

Despite the lack of specific details regarding the company's size, FRONTEO USA's competitive edge is attributed to its comprehensive service offering, which promises high-quality reviews at a cost-effective rate compared to its competitors.

Targeted Vulnerabilities and Sector Trends

The exact vulnerabilities that exposed FRONTEO USA to the Cuba ransomware group's attack remain unspecified. Nonetheless, it is widely acknowledged that ransomware attackers frequently target professional services firms, particularly small to midsize law firms, due to their potentially less robust cybersecurity measures.

The incident involving FRONTEO USA is indicative of a larger trend of escalating ransomware attacks in 2023. Statistics reveal that the average monthly number of reported ransomware victims surged to 31 in the period from January to May 2023, setting a new record from the 20 reported in 2022. Notably, the legal services sector has been a significant target, with almost a quarter of all ransomware attacks in 2022 aimed at professional services firms.

Although the specific ransomware strain and the full extent of the damage inflicted on FRONTEO USA have not been disclosed, the impact of ransomware attacks can be devastating. These attacks often lead to substantial downtime and recovery expenses, with the average total cost of an attack reaching $4.3 million in 2022.

The ransomware attack on FRONTEO USA underscores the persistent threat of ransomware to the legal services sector. The company's specialization in AI review solutions and its comprehensive service offering may have rendered it an attractive target for cybercriminals. This incident is part of a broader pattern of increasing ransomware attacks in 2023, highlighting the critical importance of implementing robust cybersecurity defenses to mitigate these risks.


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