cuba attacks CLE International

Incident Date:

January 10, 2022

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cuba attacks CLE International


CLE International




Denver, USA

Colorado, USA

First Reported

January 10, 2022

CLE International Targeted by Ransomware Group Cuba

Ransomware group Cuba has recently taken responsibility for a cyberattack on CLE International, a prominent entity within the Education sector. CLE International is renowned for organizing a variety of conferences and events throughout the United States, with a focus on legal and land use issues.

The exact size of CLE International is not detailed in available search results. Nonetheless, the organization's website highlights their role in hosting events across multiple locations, indicating a substantial footprint in the education and legal arenas.

Specific vulnerabilities that made CLE International a target for cybercriminals are not directly mentioned in public sources. A review of the company's online presence reveals a lack of openly shared information regarding their cybersecurity strategies or protocols. This absence of information could potentially signal vulnerabilities to malicious actors.

Historically, CLE International has experienced a ransomware incident affecting their airport systems. This event was initially minimized as a technical glitch before being officially recognized as a ransomware attack. The city of Cleveland, responsible for the airport's operations, chose not to meet the ransom demands, opting instead to address the problem directly.

The absence of detailed information on CLE International's cybersecurity defenses underscores a critical area of concern. It is imperative for entities within the Education sector to elevate cybersecurity as a priority. This proactive stance is essential to safeguard their systems and data against ransomware incursions and other digital threats.


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