conti attacks University of Neuchâtel

Incident Date:

February 26, 2022

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conti attacks University of Neuchâtel


University of Neuchâtel




Du Premier, Switzerland

Neuchatel, Switzerland

First Reported

February 26, 2022

University of Neuchâtel Suffers Ransomware Attack

The University of Neuchâtel, a prestigious Swiss institution of higher learning, recently fell victim to a ransomware attack that encrypted parts of its systems, significantly disrupting both academic and administrative operations. This incident, which took place in February 2022, led to immediate and comprehensive security measures, including the complete shutdown of the university's computer systems. This drastic action left students and staff unable to access essential materials and systems for their studies and work.

Upon detection of the cyberattack, the university's IT department confirmed the encryption of its systems. The attack prompted an urgent response from the relevant university services to restore normal operations. However, the path to recovery was not immediate, highlighting the severity of the attack.

In response to the growing threat of such cyberattacks, the National Cyber Security Centre has proactively reached out to 130 companies and local authorities, urging the installation of security patches for Microsoft Exchange Servers. These servers, critical for managing emails, meetings, and contacts, have known vulnerabilities that cybercriminals exploit to deploy ransomware.

The University of Neuchâtel is among several Swiss institutions targeted by cybercriminals. Notable incidents include the attack on the price comparison website Comparis in July 2021, where attackers demanded a $400,000 ransom, and cyberattacks on the Stadler rail company, defence contractor RUAG, and the canton Vaud municipality of Rolle.

As a key institution in the education sector, known for its emphasis on research and innovation, the University of Neuchâtel plays a vital role in projects such as DETECTIVE, which focuses on detecting traces of genetically modified plants in food products. Despite its significance, the exact size of the university is not detailed, suggesting it is a medium-sized institution. The ransomware attack underscores the critical importance of adhering to the National Cyber Security Centre's recommendations for timely security patch installations for Microsoft Exchange Servers.


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