conti attacks Get Fresh Company

Incident Date:

March 4, 2022

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conti attacks Get Fresh Company


Get Fresh Company




Toronto, Canada

Ontario, Canada

First Reported

March 4, 2022

Get Fresh Company Suffers Ransomware Attack

Company Overview

Get Fresh Company operates in the retail sector, but specific details about the size of the company and its unique features in the industry are not readily available from the search results.

Vulnerabilities and Impact

The ransomware attack on Get Fresh Company is part of a broader trend of increased ransomware activity, with new groups emerging and established ones declining in market share. The Conti group, known for its unique data-leak site designed as an interactive command prompt using jQuery, targeted the company. The impact of the attack on Get Fresh Company is not specified in the search results, but it is mentioned that the company suffered a ransomware attack earlier this year.

Response and Recovery

The response to the attack and the company's recovery efforts are not detailed in the search results. However, the experience of dealing with a previous attack may have prepared the company to respond more effectively to the latest incident.


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