conti attacks European Youth Parliament Finland EYP Finland ry

Incident Date:

May 4, 2022

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conti attacks European Youth Parliament Finland EYP Finland ry


European Youth Parliament Finland EYP Finland ry




Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki, Finland

First Reported

May 4, 2022

European Youth Parliament Finland (EYP Finland) Ransomware Attack

Overview of the Attack

European Youth Parliament Finland (EYP Finland), a politically independent youth organization, recently fell victim to a ransomware attack perpetrated by the Conti group. This organization, which plays a significant role in the education sector, is part of the broader international EYP network that extends across 40 countries. EYP Finland is dedicated to motivating and enabling young Europeans to become open-minded, active citizens through its various activities, primarily organized by the youth. These activities include Sessions that mimic the European Parliament, providing a platform for young individuals to voice their opinions.

Context of the Attack

The specific vulnerabilities that made EYP Finland a target for this ransomware attack are not detailed in available sources. Nonetheless, the organization's affiliation with an extensive international network underscores its substantial influence and reach, potentially increasing its attractiveness to cybercriminals. This incident is part of a worrying escalation of ransomware attacks in Finland, coinciding with the country's efforts to join NATO. According to the Finnish National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), there has been a noticeable rise in cyber incidents, with ransomware attacks posing a significant threat.

The Conti Ransomware Group

The Conti ransomware group, known for its aggressive extortion tactics, has officially claimed responsibility for the attack on EYP Finland through their dark web leak site. This group has been implicated in numerous high-profile cyberattacks, underscoring the severity of the threat they pose to organizations worldwide.

Implications of the Attack

While the direct consequences of the ransomware attack on EYP Finland's operations remain unclear from the search results, it is well-documented that such incidents can lead to data loss, operational downtime, and significant financial burdens for the affected organizations. The attack on EYP Finland not only highlights the growing cyber threat landscape in Finland but also raises concerns about the security of organizations that play crucial roles in youth education and empowerment across Europe.


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