clop attacks DRIVEANDSHINE

Incident Date:

April 16, 2022

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clop attacks DRIVEANDSHINE






Mishawaka, USA

Indiana, USA

First Reported

April 16, 2022

Drive & Shine Ransomware Attack

Company Overview

Drive & Shine, a prominent provider in the Consumer Services sector, specializes in eco-friendly car care services. These services encompass car washes, oil changes, and interior cleaning. The company is renowned for its commitment to delivering unparalleled convenience and superior quality to its clientele, operating across multiple locations in Indiana and Michigan.


The exact vulnerabilities that facilitated the ransomware attack on Drive & Shine remain unspecified. Nonetheless, it is acknowledged that ransomware can exploit various entry points, including network drives, shared mapped network paths, USB drives, external hard drives, and cloud storage drives, particularly those assigned a drive letter.


While the ransomware attack's impact on Drive & Shine's cloud storage services, such as Google Drive, remains unconfirmed, the absence of detailed information suggests a need for further investigation into this aspect of the cyber incident.


Details regarding Drive & Shine's response to the ransomware attack, including whether the ransom demanded by the Clop group was paid, have not been disclosed. This lack of information underscores the importance of transparent communication in the aftermath of cyber attacks.

The ransomware attack on Drive & Shine underscores the imperative for businesses to adopt comprehensive cybersecurity strategies to fend off such threats. Although the specific vulnerabilities exploited in this incident are not detailed, the episode serves as a critical reminder of the potential risks posed by ransomware. Businesses must therefore remain vigilant and proactive in implementing measures to mitigate these risks.


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