clop attacks AFJCONSULTING

Incident Date:

April 16, 2022

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clop attacks AFJCONSULTING






Texas, USA

Texas, USA

First Reported

April 16, 2022

AFJ Consulting Suffers Ransomware Attack by Clop Group

AFJ Consulting, a market research consultancy established in 2019, has recently become a target of the ransomware group Clop. The incident was disclosed on a dark web leak site, with the perpetrators claiming to have infiltrated the company's network and threatening to release files exfiltrated from AFJC's servers.

With a focus on aiding clients in achieving their consumer engagement and sales objectives through market research, AFJ Consulting has nearly two decades of experience in the field. The company prides itself on its partnership approach to developing research plans tailored to client needs and objectives, emphasizing the use of technology to deliver cost-effective and adaptable research solutions. AFJC is recognized for its commitment to diversity, continuous learning, and integrity.

Analysis of the Attack

The specific vulnerabilities that were exploited in the attack on AFJ Consulting have not been disclosed. Nonetheless, ransomware attacks typically target organizations with inadequate security practices, obsolete software, or a lack of employee cybersecurity awareness. It is plausible that the attackers exploited system vulnerabilities or used a phishing email or malicious website to gain access to AFJ Consulting's network.

Ransomware incidents can severely disrupt a company's operations and tarnish its reputation. For instance, a notable attack on Accenture, a leading global cyber consulting firm, involved the LockBit ransomware strain and resulted in the exfiltration of over 6TB of data, accompanied by a ransom demand of $50 million. It is imperative for AFJ Consulting to swiftly address the breach, recover affected systems from backups, and engage with cybersecurity professionals to remediate the vulnerabilities that facilitated the attack.

Ransomware attacks represent a significant and escalating threat to businesses of all sizes. To mitigate the risk of future incidents, it is crucial for companies, including AFJ Consulting, to reassess their security frameworks, ensure software is up-to-date, and conduct regular cybersecurity training for employees.


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