Cl0p attacks Delphinus Engineering

Incident Date:

December 21, 2023

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Cl0p attacks Delphinus Engineering


Delphinus Engineering




Eddystone, USA

Pensylvania, USA

First Reported

December 21, 2023

Cl0p Ransomware Group's Attack on Delphinus Engineering

Cl0p ransomware group claimed an attack on Delphinus Engineering. The group has exfiltrated various types of data, including employees’ data, incident reports, contractors’ documents, agreements, and financial data. A sample of the exfiltrated data has been leaked. Delphinus Engineering is a professional services company, supporting a customer base that spans the Defense and Federal markets. They provide expert services in cyber operations and security, marine engineering and design, marine services, and business management.

CI0p: A RaaS Platform with Advanced Capabilities

CI0p is a RaaS platform first observed in 2019. CI0p has advanced anti-analysis capabilities and anti-virtual machine analysis to prevent investigations in an emulated environment like those commonly used by security tools. CI0p is increasingly using automation to exploit known vulnerabilities to infiltrate targets, as well as a SQL injection zero-day vulnerability (CVE-2023-34362) that installs a web shell – a rarity amongst ransomware operators.

Surge in Attacks and Ransom Demands

Attacks by CI0p surged in Q1 of 2023 as the gang leveraged patchable exploits for the GoAnywhere file transfer software to compromise more than 100 victims in a matter of weeks, although it is unknown how well they were able to monetize the attacks. CI0p is likely to be leveraging automation to identify exposed organizations who have not patched against known vulnerability, which is why we are seeing so many new victims. Ransom demands vary depending on the target and average around $3 million dollars but have been reported as to be as high as $20 million. Ransom amounts are likely to continue to grow as CI0p focuses more on the exfiltration of sensitive data.

CI0p's Expanding Capabilities and Targets

CI0p is one of just a handful of RaaS providers that have developed a Linux version, an indication that CI0p is likely actively recruiting new talent to help improve their platform and expand the scope of what and whom they can attack. CI0p’s Windows version was written in C++ and encrypts files with RC4 and the encryption keys with RSA 1024-bit. CI0p had previously almost exclusively hit targets in the healthcare sector but has significantly expanded targeting to include most any organization with vulnerable GoAnywhere installations. CI0p runs an expansive affiliate program and exfiltrates data to be leveraged in triple extortion schemes and has significantly expanded its primary target range beyond the healthcare sector.

The Shift Towards Data Extortion

There are indications that CI0p may be shifting to more of a pure data extortion model, but most victims still suffer the ransomware payload at this point.

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