blackbasta attacks Foreman Watson Land Title, LLC

Incident Date:

September 21, 2022

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blackbasta attacks Foreman Watson Land Title, LLC


Foreman Watson Land Title, LLC




Owensboro, USA

Kentucky, USA

First Reported

September 21, 2022

Blackbasta Ransomware Attack on Foreman Watson Land Title, LLC

Company Overview

Foreman Watson Land Title is a distinguished real estate title company, focusing on securing property rights and delivering comprehensive real estate title and closing services. The company prides itself on its professional team and unwavering commitment to excellence, positioning itself as a leader in the industry.

Company Size and Vulnerabilities

While the specific size of Foreman Watson Land Title, LLC remains undisclosed, the company's online presence suggests a well-organized entity with a dedicated workforce. The successful breach by the Blackbasta ransomware group highlights potential weaknesses in the company's cybersecurity framework, enabling unauthorized access to its systems and sensitive data.

Industry Standout and Threat Landscape

Title companies like Foreman Watson Land Title, LLC are pivotal in the real estate sector, ensuring the seamless transfer of property rights. This incident accentuates the critical need for stringent cybersecurity protocols within the industry, as ransomware attackers increasingly target entities across diverse sectors.

Ransomware Group Background

Blackbasta, a notorious ransomware group, has been actively compromising organizations globally since 2022. Known for its disruptive cyberattacks, the group's activities have led to significant data breaches and operational setbacks for its victims.


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