bianlian attacks Sunflower Farms Distributors, Inc

Incident Date:

October 4, 2022

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bianlian attacks Sunflower Farms Distributors, Inc


Sunflower Farms Distributors, Inc




Doral, USA

Florida, USA

First Reported

October 4, 2022

Sunflower Farms Distributors, Inc. Suffers Ransomware Attack

Company Overview

Sunflower Farms Distributors, Inc., a key player in the agriculture sector, focuses on the distribution of flowers. Their online platform enables customers to purchase flowers 24/7 and access live inventory updates. However, the company's size and its distinction within the industry remain unspecified.

Industry Standout

The agriculture sector, known for its heavy reliance on technology and digital systems, has become increasingly vulnerable to cyber threats, with ransomware attacks being notably prevalent. Despite this, Sunflower Farms Distributors, Inc. does not explicitly highlight any unique cybersecurity measures or industry-leading practices on their website.


While specific vulnerabilities within Sunflower Farms Distributors, Inc. that could have attracted the Bianlian ransomware group are not detailed, the agriculture sector's general dependency on digital technology and the potential for substantial financial repercussions make it an attractive target for cybercriminals.

The ransomware attack on Sunflower Farms Distributors, Inc. underscores the persistent cyber threats facing the agriculture sector. Although the precise vulnerabilities exploited in this incident remain undisclosed, the episode serves as a stark reminder of the sector's attractiveness to cybercriminals. For more information, visit Sunflower Farms Distributors, Inc.'s website at


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