bianlian attacks Spalding Grammar School

Incident Date:

August 29, 2022

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bianlian attacks Spalding Grammar School


Spalding Grammar School




Spalding PE XH, United Kingdom

Spalding PE XH, United Kingdom

First Reported

August 29, 2022

Spalding Grammar School Targeted by Ransomware Group Bianlian

Victim Profile

Spalding Grammar School, a distinguished UK-based educational institution, is committed to delivering exceptional education, nurturing open, inquisitive minds, and instilling values of moral integrity, self-reliance, initiative, responsibility, and self-confidence. The institution's core mission is to guide students towards becoming reflective, well-rounded individuals who achieve their maximum potential intellectually, socially, and personally.

Company Size and Industry Standing

While specific details regarding the size of Spalding Grammar School are not provided, it is evident that the Education sector, within which the school operates, is increasingly becoming a prime target for ransomware attacks. Educational institutions are particularly vulnerable due to their heavy reliance on technology and the sensitive nature of the data they manage.


Ransomware groups frequently target schools due to common vulnerabilities such as outdated IT infrastructure, a lack of cybersecurity expertise among staff, and the urgent need to resolve disruptions swiftly. In the incident involving Spalding Grammar School, the ransomware attack was identified on a Saturday, prompting an immediate shutdown of the school's IT systems to mitigate the attack. Despite the rapid response by the school's security center to prevent further damage, this event underscores the critical importance of implementing strong cybersecurity defenses and establishing effective emergency response protocols.

Previous Cybersecurity Incidents

Prior to this ransomware attack, Spalding Grammar School had encountered a data breach in 2022. Furthermore, it was among the educational institutions affected by a cyber attack similar to the one that impacted NHS systems, alongside Gosberton Academy and Wygate Park Academy primary schools.

The ransomware attack on Spalding Grammar School by the Bianlian group serves as a stark reminder of the escalating cyber threats facing the Education sector. It is imperative for schools to elevate their cybersecurity practices to safeguard their infrastructure and data against such malicious attacks, which pose significant risks to their operations and the protection of sensitive information.


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