bianlian attacks Mayfield City School

Incident Date:

October 4, 2022

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bianlian attacks Mayfield City School


Mayfield City School





Odaho, USA

First Reported

October 4, 2022

Mayfield City Schools Suffers Ransomware Attack by Bianlian Group

Victim's Profile

Mayfield City Schools, an educational institution operating in the Education sector, has been targeted by the ransomware group Bianlian. The attack was announced on the group's dark web leak site. The school is a comprehensive educational institution that offers a range of programs and services to its students. Its website provides information on various aspects of its operations, including student resources, athletics, food and nutrition services, health services, and community engagement. The school has a strong focus on technology, with a dedicated Technology Department and the use of Infinite Campus for student and parent portals.

Size and Vulnerabilities

The exact size of Mayfield City Schools is not specified, but the institution operates multiple elementary, middle, and high schools, indicating a significant student population and operational complexity. The specific vulnerabilities that led to the successful attack by Bianlian are not detailed. However, the presence of a dedicated Technology Department suggests that the attackers may have exploited a weakness in the school's IT infrastructure or cybersecurity measures.

Impact and Response

The ransomware attack on Mayfield City Schools has not been reported to have resulted in any significant data breaches or loss of sensitive information. As of now, the school has not issued any public statements regarding the attack or its response to the incident.

The ransomware attack on Mayfield City Schools by the Bianlian group underscores the persistent threat of cyber attacks in the education sector. Despite the school's emphasis on technology and its implementation of Infinite Campus for student and parent portals, the attackers managed to exploit a vulnerability in the school's IT infrastructure. Details on the school's response to the attack and the extent of the damage caused remain undisclosed.


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