bianlian attacks Infinity VR Games

Incident Date:

September 3, 2022

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bianlian attacks Infinity VR Games


Infinity VR Games




Gainesville, USA

Florida, USA

First Reported

September 3, 2022

Infinity VR Games Targeted by Ransomware Group Bianlian

Company Overview

Infinity VR Games, operating within the Hospitality sector, is recognized for its specialization in VR gaming. The company's portfolio encompasses a diverse range of VR games, apps, and videos. Among its offerings, "The Infinite Loop VR" stands out as a game aimed at enhancing communication and collaborative problem-solving skills, reflecting the company's commitment to leveraging VR technology for educational and team-building purposes.

Vulnerabilities and Targeting

The recent ransomware attack perpetrated by the Bianlian group against Infinity VR Games underscores the pronounced vulnerabilities faced by entities in the Hospitality sector. Bianlian's decision to target Infinity VR Games was likely influenced by the company's significant online footprint and the perceived opportunity for financial extortion. Notably, the absence of detailed information regarding the company's size or specific industry vulnerabilities on their website may have further exposed them to this cyber threat.

The incident with Infinity VR Games is emblematic of the broader cybersecurity challenges confronting the Hospitality sector, particularly as it increasingly integrates virtual reality technologies. This attack not only highlights the financial motivations driving cybercriminals but also the critical need for robust cybersecurity defenses in safeguarding against such threats.


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