alphv attacks Sarasin and Partners LLP

Incident Date:

May 3, 2022

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alphv attacks Sarasin and Partners LLP


Sarasin and Partners LLP




London, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom

First Reported

May 3, 2022

Sarasin & Partners LLP Suffers Ransomware Attack

Sarasin & Partners LLP, a global investment manager, has been targeted by the ransomware group Alphv, as reported on their dark web leak site. The company, which operates in the finance sector, has a website at Sarasin & Partners LLP is known for its thematic investment approach, focusing on powerful and inexorable trends that shape the world, and its commitment to responsible and sustainable investment strategies.

The company's size and industry position make it a valuable target for threat actors. In the UK investment management sector, cyber threats, including ransomware attacks, are a persistent and serious concern. The industry faces the risk of disruption from cyber-attacks, which can cause harm and require firms to maintain constant vigilance and incident response plans.

Sarasin & Partners LLP's vulnerabilities may include outdated software, weak security protocols, or insufficient employee training. The company's website, like many others, contains a legal disclaimer that users must agree to in order to access the site, indicating that the company may have taken steps to protect its digital assets. However, the attack by Alphv suggests that these measures were not sufficient to prevent the ransomware attack.

The company has not released a public statement regarding the attack or its response. It is unclear whether the attack has resulted in any data breaches or financial losses for the company or its clients. The incident serves as a reminder of the ongoing threat of ransomware attacks in the financial sector and the importance of robust cybersecurity measures to protect against such threats.


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