alphv attacks Florida International University

Incident Date:

April 12, 2022

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alphv attacks Florida International University


Florida International University




Miami, USA

Florida, USA

First Reported

April 12, 2022

Florida International University Targeted by AlphaV Ransomware Group

Florida International University (FIU) in Miami, Florida, has been targeted by the AlphaV ransomware group, which claimed responsibility for the attack. The university operates in the Education sector and offers more than 190 degree programs across various fields, including Arts and Design, Business and Economics, Education, Hospitality Management, Humanities and Culture, Medicine and Health, Public Policy, Sciences and Engineering, and Technology.

FIU is a public research university with more than 56,000 students, making it the fifth-largest university in the United States. The university has 11 separate colleges and generates annual revenue of approximately $532 million. Despite its size and resources, FIU has been targeted by ransomware groups, highlighting the vulnerabilities that even large institutions face in the digital age.

The AlphaV ransomware group, also known as BlackCat, has been implicated in several high-profile attacks, including those on North Carolina A&T University and two German oil companies. The group is known for stealing a wide range of personal information from students, teachers, and staff, including contracts, accounting documents, social security numbers, email databases, and more.

The attack on FIU is part of a larger trend of ransomware attacks on educational institutions. In the first three months of 2022, Recorded Future reported 37 publicly reported ransomware attacks against schools, compared to 127 in all of 2021. This underscores the need for increased cybersecurity measures and awareness in the education sector.

The AlphaV ransomware group has been linked to the BlackMatter and DarkSide ransomware groups, suggesting a possible rebranding or affiliation. The group has also been implicated in attacks on Italian fashion brand Moncler.

The attack on FIU serves as a reminder that no organization is immune to cyber threats, and that vigilance and proactive measures are crucial in mitigating the risks of ransomware attacks.


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