alphv attacks AD Consulting Group

Incident Date:

August 4, 2022

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alphv attacks AD Consulting Group


AD Consulting Group




Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria

First Reported

August 4, 2022

AD Consulting Group Suffers Ransomware Attack

AD Consulting Group, a firm specializing in African heritage architecture and design, has reportedly been targeted by the ransomware group Alphv. The attack was announced on the group's dark web leak site. The company operates in the Business Services sector and boasts a 100% success rate, with 139+ commissions and 114 projects designed and executed over the last 29 years.

AD Consulting Group's website showcases their expertise in creating timeless architectural solutions that consider the unique environmental, sociocultural, and technological contexts while meeting the functional and aesthetic needs of their clients. Their designs are immersive brand experiences, transforming physical spaces by leveraging visual, tactile, auditory, and olfactory cues to create meaningful connections between clients and stakeholders.

The size of the company and its specific vulnerabilities are not detailed in the available information. However, it is known that ransomware attacks are increasingly targeting mid-size companies, as they often have less robust cybersecurity measures in place compared to larger firms. The attack on AD Consulting Group underscores the need for businesses to prioritize cybersecurity and implement robust measures to protect against such threats.

The Alphv ransomware group, also known as the TA505 group, has been active since at least December 2023 and has been targeting Russian businesses with malware based on the leaked source code from the Conti hacking group. The group's tactics include using a company's virtual private network (VPN) service to remotely access the victim's IT infrastructure and disguising ransomware as popular corporate antivirus software installed on the company's computers.

The ransomware attack on AD Consulting Group serves as a reminder of the evolving threat landscape and the importance of robust cybersecurity measures for businesses of all sizes. Companies should regularly review and update their security protocols to protect against such threats.


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