8Base attacks Crowd

Incident Date:

July 25, 2023

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8Base attacks Crowd






Lisboa, Portugal

, Portugal

First Reported

July 25, 2023

8Base Ransomware Gang Attacks Crowd Talent Agency

The 8Base ransomware gang has attacked Crowd. Crowd is a prominent and reputable talent agency based in Portugal. With a significant presence in the entertainment and creative industries, the agency has earned recognition for its expertise in talent management and representation. Specializing in connecting talented individuals with various opportunities, Crowd caters to a diverse clientele that includes actors, models, musicians, and other creative professionals. Their dedication to identifying and nurturing talent has contributed to the success of many artists under their representation.

8Base posted Crowd to its data leak site on July 25th but provided no further information. Despite a significant increase in activity during the summer of 2023, the 8Base ransomware group has managed to maintain a relatively low profile. This group employs encryption techniques alongside "name-and-shame" tactics to pressure their victims into paying ransoms. 8Base demonstrates an opportunistic approach, targeting victims from diverse industries. However, crucial details regarding their identities, methods, and motivations remain shrouded in mystery.

The swift and efficient operations of 8Base suggest that this group is not newly formed but rather an established and mature organization. Based on available information, certain aspects of their current operations bear a striking resemblance to past ransomware activities. The 8Base ransomware group emerged in March 2022, but it experienced a significant surge in activity in June 2023. Describing themselves as "simple pen testers," they operate a leak site that provides victim information through Frequently Asked Questions and Rules sections, along with multiple contact options. Notably, 8Base's communication style shares similarities with another known group called RansomHouse.

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